Agent 327

In Sept. 2016, I was invited to come aboard a second animated short at the Amsterdam-based Blender Animation Studio. I spent about eight months in the Netherlands directing this proof-of-concept short along with Hjalti Hjalmarsson, under the guiding hand of Ton Roosendaal and his fabulous crew of artists, developers and and animators. It was great to be back - six years after Sintel.

Ton and the Studio are currently developing Agent 327 as their first animated feature film, based on the celebrated Dutch Comic Agent 327 by Martin Lodewijk. This 3-minute short is designed to function as a teaser / sales tool, to help them set up the larger production.


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Producer: Ton Roosendaal
Studio: Blender Animation Studio
Directed by: Hjalti Hjalmarsson & Colin Levy
UPM: Francesco Siddi
Production Design: Andreas Goralczyk
Animation Leads: Hjalti Hjalmarsson, Nathan Dillow
Sound Design: Sander Houtman
Music: Vidjay Beerepoot
Colorist: Sean Wells