Colin Levy | Writer / Director


Sintel is a 15-minute short animated fantasy film about a girl who finds a wounded baby dragon and nurses it back to health. After her new friend is violently torn away, Sintel undertakes a long journey that leads her to see the world in a new light.

The short film was independently produced by the Blender Foundation, and was created entirely in Blender 3D and other Open Sounce software.


In late 2009, I was fortunate enough to have been approached by Ton Roosendaal, Chair of the Blender Foundation, to direct the third Blender Open Movie Project.

It was an amazing opportunity and an incredible learning experience. I spent a full 12 months working on this project at the Blender Institute in Amsterdam. At its height we had a dozen artists and developers working in-house on the project, with several volunteers and small studios working externally.

I was involved in nearly every aspect of the film, from the creation of the story, the storyboarding and layout, to the lighting and animation. I feel lucky to have been able to be so hands-on throughout the process, and I learned a ton from the amazing crew! There's so much I could talk about the making of the film, but check out the official "making-of" video below for a little taste:

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Producer: Ton Roosendaal (NL)
Director: Colin Levy (US)
Writer: Esther Wouda (NL)
Art Director: David Revoy (FR)
Composer: Jan Morgenstern (DE)
Crew: Angela Guenette (CA), Ben Dansie (AU), Beorn Leonard (AU/UK), Brecht van Lommel (BE), Campbell Barton (AU), Dolf Veenvliet (NL), Jeremy Davidson (AU/UK), Lee Salvemini (AU), Nathan Vegdahl (US), Pablo Vazquez (AR), Soenke Maeter (DE), William Reynish (DK) 


Netherlands Film Festival, Utrecht 2010
Festival de Culture Libre, Nancy, France
Playgrounds Festival, Tilburg, NL (in Competition)
Leids Film Festival, Leiden, NL
Animago Festival, Berlin, Germany
Holland Animation Festival, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Siggraph Festival Animation Theater - Seoul, Korea
Clermond-Ferrand Festival, France
Shamiana Festival, Delhi, India
DC Independent Film Festial, Washington DC, USA
Monstra Festival, Lisboa Portugal
Citrus Cel Animation Festival, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Seattle International Film Festival 2011
International Melzo Film Festival, Italy
International Film Music Festival, Ubeda Spain
Film Festival della Lessinia, Bosco Chiesanuova, Italy
CyborgFF VI, Rome Italy


3D World Magazine CG Award 2011: Best Short Animation
NFFTY - Audience Award Winner, Animation Category
Animayo - Winner of the Audience award
International Film Music Festival- Jerry Goldsmith Award for Best Song, and Best Score for an Animated Short Film (Press release)