Skywatch is a sci-fi proof of concept short that takes place in a future defined by immediacy and convenience. Two enterprising teenagers find a way to hack into the infrastructure of NexPort, a delivery system that transports goods directly into the home.  As they reroute orders zipping through the sky, our protagonists set off a chaotic series of events and soon find themselves targeted by the corporation.

 The film is currently in Post-Production. 

Our entire feature laid out in notecard form. (May 2016)

Our entire feature laid out in notecard form. (May 2016)

The Feature

While we hope the short stands alone as a fun and gripping piece of entertainment, this project is intended as a proof of concept for a mid-range live-action feature. Our goal is to build a world, set a tone, and introduce characters that could form the foundation of a compelling feature film.

Over the past two years I have been collaborating closely with a writing partner to craft the feature screenplay, which I'm very excited about!


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Producer:  Andre Danylevich
Executive Producer: Michael Norinsberg
VFX Supervisor: Sandro Blattner
Co-Writer: Mike Sundy
Director of Photography: Adam Habib
Production Designer: Ying-Te Julie Chen
UI Designer: Bailey Kalesti
Composer: Jasper Blunk
Sound Design: Morgan Johnson