Colin Levy | Writer / Director


Skywatch is a sci-fi proof of concept short that takes place in a future defined by immediacy and convenience. Two enterprising teenagers find a way to hack into the infrastructure of NexPort, a delivery system that transports goods directly into the home.  As they reroute orders zipping through the sky, our protagonists set off a chaotic series of events and soon find themselves targeted by the corporation.

The film stars Uriah Shelton (The Glades, Warrior’s Gate, Girl Meets World) and Zach Callison (Steven Universe, Mr. Peabody & Sherman), and is currently in Post-Production.

In early 2017, we launched a finishing-funds Kickstarter and raised over $50,000 – from 490 generous backers across the world. We aim to finish the film in the first half of 2019.


Our entire feature laid out in notecard form. (May 2016)

Our entire feature laid out in notecard form. (May 2016)

The Feature

While we hope the short stands alone as a fun and gripping piece of entertainment, this project is intended as a proof of concept for a mid-budget live-action feature. Our goal is to build a world, set a tone, and introduce characters that could form the foundation of a compelling feature film.

Over the past two years I have been collaborating closely with a writing partner to craft the feature screenplay, which I'm very excited about!


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Producer:  Andre Danylevich
Executive Producer: Michael Norinsberg
VFX Supervisor: Sandro Blattner
Co-Writer: Mike Sundy
Director of Photography: Adam Habib
Production Designer: Ying-Te Julie Chen
UI Designer: Bailey Kalesti
Composer: Jasper Blunk
Sound Design: Morgan Johnson

Kickstarter backers: SPECIAL THANKS

Chris Aikens • Marc Mackie Ammann • Evan Atherton • Thomas Beck • blendFX • Nicholas Bishop • Ejnar Brendsdal • Shaun Brown • Donald R Burgess • Aidy Burrows • Daniel Campbell • Peter Carrero • Andrew Cavell • Charles Choo Jr • Dan Cobbett • Alexander Curtis • Patrick Cwaka • Dariusz Czapiewski • Vladimir & Anna Danylevich • Austyn Daines • Matt DeMartini • John "JohnBoy" Dennis • Bob Dowling • Gareth Edwards • Joseph K. Elliott • Sean Farbolin • Hugo Sa Ferreira • Eric G. Fielmich • Philippe B. France • Markus Fromherz & Heike Schmitz • Jonathan Fusellier • Guilherme Gazzoni • Cara Gee • Chuck Ian Gordon • Jean-Sebastien Guillemette • Tom Haines • Miika Hämäläinen • Robert Hanekom • Jonathan Hart • Bernhard Haux • Andreas Heldal-Lund • Daniel Hemetsberger • Matt Henley • Joshua Tjon Herron • Carl Hughes • Thomas Huxley • Tyson Ibele • Rose Ibiama • Shelby Cass Idstrom • Fred Judson • Uwe Klemmer • Owen Klohn • Fred & Kathy Kunke • David Lally • Chiu Lam • Blaine Landowski • Jeff Lange • Gabriel Montagné Láscaris-Comneno • Jeremy Lasky • Quentin Lebegue • Maksym Lemelianov • James Lever • Carol Levy • Simon Liechti • Eric Liffrig • Stan Long • Deb MacMillan • Andy Mai • Paul McManus • Adam Midvidy • Robert Mines • Jan Morgenstern • Dave Mullins • Timothy Ngo • Vebjørn R S Olsen • Fatih Özkan • Marc Petter • Wilbert Plijnaar • Charlie Ramos • Edwin Rhemrev • Geoff Rhodes • Anthony Ricciardi • Hollis Robbins • Peter Roe • Sara Sampson • Christopher Schiller • Hans Joachim Seitz • ADI SHANKAR • John Sim • Justin Sklar • Michael Slater • Trent Stanley • Jan Stanton • Blend Swap • Paul Tillery IV • Mariano Tazzioli • Chris Welch • Mike Whelan • Joey Wittmann • Lorin Wood • Daisuke Yagi • David G Yu