Colin Levy | Writer / Director

En Route

"En Route" is an 8 min. short that explores ideas of serendipity and fate in the life and career of an airline pilot. Produced as an Independent Study at the Savannah College of Art and Design, the film was realized with a crew comprised entirely of students, and was shot on the RED camera intermittently over several months. Key moments of the film rely heavily on visual effects, and it has taken about 8 months to complete these effects shots.

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Producers: Yotam Dor, Andre Danylevich
Co-Producers: Nicholas J. Leicht, Tyler M. Reid
Director of Photography: Jason Osterday
Production Designer: Aaron Hoskins
VFX Supervisor: Sandro Blattner
Editor: Colin Levy
Composer: Bruce Kiesling
Sound Design: Shaun Burdick



SCAD Film & Television Showcase 2010
     • Best Cinematography
     • Best Editing
     • Best Production Design
     • Best Graduate Film [producers were grad students]
     • Best Visual Effects

Savannah Film Festival 2011
    • Savannah Film Commission Award
    • Panavision Student Cinematography Award
    • Silver Screen Society - Best Student Film

Nominated for the Verna Field Award in Sound Editing for Student Filmmakers at 2011 Golden Reel Awards