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SKYWATCH Kickstarter

Time for an update!

So, I have been working in Amsterdam for the past six months, co-directing an animated short based on the Dutch Comic AGENT 327, at the same studio where I directed SINTEL back in 2009-2010. It's been so great to live in Holland again, and phenomenal to work with such a close-knit crew of long-time friends. They’re really some of the best Blender artists on the planet - I learned so much from them.


We’re in the home stretch now - just another few weeks really. Finishing up animation, lighting and FX work in the studio, with sound, music and color happening externally. I just flew back to San Francisco this week to transition to my sci-fi short SKYWATCH but I’ll be checking in from afar, and I know the short is in great hands. Should be released online next month - I’m excited to share it with the world! 

The goal is to develop the IP into an low/mid-budget animated feature, so hopefully the short proves to be an effective pitch / selling tool. Crossing my fingers.

In other exciting news, we launched a Kickstarter for SKYWATCH in February to finance postproduction and it was a very intense, overwhelming, and gratifying 20 days! We were asking for $35K, and ended up raising over $50,000 - from 490 extremely generous backers!

Check out the campaign here:

The trailer:

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Pretty stoked by life right now. Moving to LA for this next chapter. Gotta finish this movie! More soon,


Colin Levy