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Too Busy!

Does time fly or what?  I’ve been busy!

Career highlights since 2013:

Director of Photography on Pixar’s short film, Lava.

Led a small team which handled the camerawork for all the shots in the movie. Big emphasis was on preserving the SCALE of our main character Uku, who is a mile and a half wide!

Also worked as a Camera & Staging Artist on:

1. Inside Out
2. The Good Dinosaur
3. Finding Dory

A mere glance at this list flares up my carpal tunnel. So. much. work.

Me, Getting Emotional about Inside Out

Me, Getting Emotional about Inside Out

I pitched 3 shorts internally at Pixar (in front of some of my heroes) which was a phenomenal experience, and am working on several projects on my own time.

First and foremost, I’m developing an ambitious Proof of Concept for a sci-fi thriller, tentatively called “The Portal Experiment”.

Although I’ve been working on it in some capacity for over two years, I’ve just begun a 5-month Leave of Absence from work to focus on getting through the rest of production and push ourselves into Post, which we’re hoping to wrap up by the end of 2016.

I’m collaborating with my good friend Mike Sundy on the feature screenplay, based on the short. Writing solo is painful for me, but with the right partner it’s actually fun!


And I can’t leave this out: last October I was flown to Cairo, Egypt to speak at the Qabila Film Festival and serve on the Jury for the Animation category. An absolutely amazing experience.

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Hopefully big things on the horizon. Maybe in another two years I’ll update this blog as a bonafide director, eh?

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