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Hello hello! Sorry I haven’t updated this blog in a while. I want to start writing here regularly.

There’s a lot going on in my life right now. Production for “En Route” went really well! We shot in Savannah over four weekends during the last month of school.

Here’s a sample frame from the raw footage, at 2k:

...and this is half-res.

...and this is half-res.


On the last day of the quarter I was awarded “Best Undergraduate Visual Effects” at my school’s film award ceremony (the “SCADEMY’s) for the work I did for “The Observation of Jonathan Rhode”. It was a huge honor, and a complete surprise. I literally only did one shot for the entire film. (I spent some serious time on it, for sure, but still… I wonder if the judges knew that.)

So! I officially finished my junior year in college and now I’m back in Maryland for a brief respite. In less than a week I’m planning on driving back to Savannah to dive into post-production for En Route. I’ve gotten a late start on the edit but I intend to devote myself fully to it in the next couple weeks.

In other news, I have this thing called “Infectious Mononucleosis”, known more conversationally as ‘mono’ or ‘glandular fever’, depending on where you’re from. I have a fairly mild case of it, thankfully, but that’s what I’ll blame my disappointing progress on.



I installed Ubuntu Linux on my machine! Scary intimidating. Don’t know the first thing about the command line, and I’m having a frustrating time with basic things like figuring out how to switch keyboard layouts on the fly and get my display resolution correct… but I think I’m gonna like it. My inner geek has been neglected for too long now anyway.




This too is no longer news, but it’s so exciting it needs a dramatic introduction. I’ve been asked to direct the next Blender Open Movie project at the Blender Institute in Amsterdam!

I won’t post too much about it now because very little about the project has been defined.

But we’ve already got a fantastic core team, with concept artist David Revoy, renowned Dutch comic book author Martin Lodewijk, incredibly talented software developer Brecht van Lommel, composer Jan Morgenstern and of course the remarkable Ton Roosendaal, lead developer of Blender and head of the Blender Foundation.

Submissions for other artist positions ends in just a couple days and I’m confident we’re gonna put together an awesome team for this project. Alright, that’s enough superlatives for this paragraph…

I’m super excited. If you aren’t familiar with Blender’s open movies, check out the first two projects: Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny.

Really phenomenal works, and the films were created almost entirely with open source software.

Production starts in September and will last 6-8 months, so if everything works out I’ll be in Amsterdam in less than four months! Be sure to follow the progress of the project at durian.blender.org.

Alrighty. That was an epic post. Time to get back to work!


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