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    August 17, 2009

    Summer Recap

    Geesh, time is slipping by! The past few months I’ve been working on my film En Route in Savannah, Georgia. We’ve been trying to get into some flight simulators or actual cockpits for a couple of the remaining scenes of the film, but after a few dead ends we ended up resorting to the greenscreen studio.



    Bourbon St. in New Orleans

    I’ve also been working with the visual effects team to begin chipping away at the 50+ shots of the film. I’ve got an amazing team and I’m excited about the way things are coming along! More updates on this front to follow. Postproduction will likely take another four or so months…

    I also had the opportunity to go to Siggraph in New Orleans to work on the Blender Boothcrew! I met a lot of awesome and talented people, and I had a great time.

    Now I’m back in Maryland and I’ve got only 6 days before I leave for Amsterdam for Durian! I’m using the time to get as much editing, vfx, email correspondence, family time and lifeplanning taken care of so I can throw myself 100% into the project without distractions. Not sure what it’s gonna be like, but I’m getting pretty excited!

    Posted By: Colin Levy @ 11:22 am
    Categories: News