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    December 12, 2008

    New Site Launched!

     Why hello there!  Welcome to ColinLevy.com, the new home for all the stuff of Colin Levy.

    If you’ve never heard of me before, good to meet you! I’m a 20-year-old guy from Maryland who does film, animation, and visual effects. If you have heard of me before, you may recognize this:


    My old site.


    You may be thinking to yourself, “What was wrong with the old site?”

    That’s a great question, friend! There are a couple reasons.

    First, the site’s name. You see, I used to operate incognito, under the alias “Peerless Productions”.  Not quite sure why.  But since I’m basically one guy, and have very few legitimate ‘productions’ to speak of, I thought I’d drop the official-sounding name and just go for colinlevy.com.  (So the official link has changed: please update your bookmarks!)

    Second, it was a huge pain to update with new work. Thought I could solve that problem with the current redesign, but absolutely did not.

    And third, I wanted a blog.

    So yeah, I’m excited to show you the site! I’d love to get your feedback – I just spent two of the most frustrating weeks of my life making it work… so show it a little love!  Browse around, and leave me a comment!


    Posted By: Colin Levy @ 8:26 am
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