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    For those keeping track, I’m still in Amsterdam working on Project Durian for the Blender Institute. Time is flying by. It’s a bit hard to believe I’ve been here for nearly eight months! Only three more months on the project, and we have SO much more work to do. Are we really 75% done? Doesn’t seem like it. :P

    Things are picking up speed though, and the team is expanding! Hopefully we’ll be able to do this thing justice.

    Since January I’ve been focusing most of my effort on the 3D animatic, which I’m trying to bring to the level of quality where you can just watch it and see the film as it will be, with decisions about character blocking, shot design, and editing all set and final. There’s a lot of considerations to be made, from timing and performance, environment design and composition. It’s been a really fun and gratifying experience, because I’m basically shooting an entire movie without having to get up from my chair! Week-by-week, scene-by-scene I’ve just been piecing the film together… and just this past week I’ve finally replaced the last storyboard. We’ve got the whole film in layout!

    Although we’ve been posting frequent updates on the Durian Blog, my most recent post I feel is worth including here as well. Here’s the first scene of the film in OpenGL. So no renders, but the animation is 90% done:

    Although there are flaws I’m aware of, I’m pretty proud of how the scene is working. I’ve never actually shot a fight scene in real life but I did a fair amount of experimentation and ‘research’ (action movies FTW!). Check out all the cameras!


    I would say my usual “Let me know what you think!”, when I post new work, but we’ve already got 115 comments on the Durian blog, and it’s hard to even find time to read them all. :D



    Posted By: Colin Levy @ 9:53 am
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