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Sooo, medical again it’s been way too long since I’ve updated my blog. Lots of things are happening! Among other things, ed the Savannah Film Festival happened back in October, and I was lucky enough to screen my film “En Route” among a dozen other strong student shorts from across the country.


It was a great experience and we were lucky enough to win several awards!

• Savannah Film Commission Award
• Panavision Student Cinematography Award
• Silver Screen Society Filmmaker Award

I was also interviewed by several publications in the past couple months:

Savannah Magazine Article (Jim Signorile)

New York is Boring Article (Pat Longstreth)

Geronimo Projects (Alex Getz

Not to mention the coverage on “Sintel”, which was the October issue’s cover story of 3D World!


More to report soon!

Posted By: Colin Levy @ 8:49 pm
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